GGI Global Alliance

Tramposch & Partner is a member of the GGI Global Alliance (GGI), a worldwide association of independent accounting and tax consulting firms, auditors, consultants and law firms. GGI was founded in 1995 and to date has 365 members which operate more than 623 offices in over 126 countries.

Cross Border representation and counseling is feasible through our membership in GGI, given that expert teams are formed amongst its members. The advantage results from the local memberships, since national aspects of the consultation are being contributed by the national members of each team.

Mr. Hubert Tramposch has been a member of the Executive Committee of GGI since 2005. He initially worked as chairman of the Lawyers Division and is now Regional Manager Europe of GGI.

Mr. Christian Seidl was vice-chairman of the European Debt Collection & Restructuring Practice Group for many years.

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