Since 2001 Tramposch & Partner has been a member of Insuralex, exclusively for the whole of Austria. Insuralex is a worldwide association of independent law firms which specialize in the area of insurance and reinsurance law. Each member of Insuralex is a leading expert in their area of law and in their respective national jurisdiction.

The membership enables and supports the exchange of information and experience through regular seminars and meetings.

The association currently consists of 27 law firms which are well established in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Especially in large, cross-border, insurance cases Insuralex respectively its members, act in teams. These are assembled according to demand and the countries involved in order to represent the insurers involved.

Insuralex members have worked in teams for their clients in the following major and spectacular cases:

The Mont Blanc tunnel fire disaster
The disaster at Linate airport in Milan
The explosion in Toulouse
The AGF / Wasa / Lexington UK Supreme Court Case
Blackout in Italy in 2003
Chubb and AIG against Parmalat and others
Maconda Well accident (involving Deepwater Horizon platform)
various litigation case in connection with the World Trade Center disaster
Settlement agreements during the Olympic Games in Athens 2004
The Chinese Slimming Herbs litigation in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
Turkish Airlines accident at Schiphol Airport
The Buncefield explosion in England.

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