Compensation and Warranty Law

Tramposch & Partners provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of compensation and warranty law. Thereby, we can refer to decades of experience in the enforcement or defense of compensation or legal warranty claims - both judicial and extrajudicial. Our expertise extends to claims for damages resulting from contracts, accidents of all kinds, especially traffic accidents, ski, sport and leisure accidents, and the area of product liability.

We provide information and support to our clients when demanding compensation and warranty claims, both for material and immaterial damages:

  • compensation for immaterial damage (physical and mental)
  • grief and shock damage
  • claims for household help
  • loss of income (pension and retirement losses)
  • reimbursement of cost
  • medical expenses
  • permanent and long-term consequences,
  • alimony
  • refurbishment and reconstruction costs in case of disability
  • material damage

It should be noted that tort claims become time-barred 3 years after the damage and its originator of loss become known.