Tramposch & Partners have more than 30 years of experience in litigation management. Those many years of practical experience enables us to assess and estimate chances of a lawsuit and its potential risks and further guarantee competent counseling and assistance in complex cases. Tramposch & Partners provide comprehensive counseling and representation in national and international litigation. Our services also comprise the enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments.  

Due to the three offices across the country we at Tramposch & Partners are able to represent our clients before all courts and administrative authorities throughout the Republic of Austria. Therefore, it is possible to commonly avoid substitutions to other colleagues.

When dealing with judicial enforcement or the defense of claims, as well as disputes arising out of an arbitration agreement, it is essential to consider all aspects and consequences which require thorough preparation and strategic planning. Here we collaborate closely with our clients: Thereby our pricipal focus is addressed to protect the interest of our clients whereat our main aim is to provide a satisfactory solution for the client.

In view of legal matters regarding international elements, we can refer to our excellent contacts and relationships with worldwide cooperations (see international cooperations). Thus we are able to include outstanding judicial colleagues, respectively project-related staff from other specialized areas, when required, and we also conduct cross-border litigation.