Ski, Sport and Leisure Accidents

No matter whether ski, sport or leisure accidents - due to our long-time experience Tramposch & Partners are your reliable and competent specialists contact.

Especially leisure time accidents are no rarity. Our law firm assumes - both judicial and extrajudicial - the enforcement or defense of compensation claims:

  • compensation for pain and suffering
  • reimbursement (for prevention of better professional advancement)
  • loss of income
  • reimbursement for household help and care costs
  • reimbursement for increased requirements (medical expenses, reconstruction costs)
  • material damage (damaged equipment, frustrated expenditures e.g. curtailed holiday, etc..)

Furthermore, the consequences of a leisure accident resulting in criminal proceedings can be feasible, should the counter part have been injured due to negligent bodily injuries.

We accompany our clients through such criminal proceedings, whereat we often succeed in adverting the criminal charges before the main hearing.

Leisure time accidents are daunting and unpleasant enough. The legal implications can be confidently entrusted to our law firm. Our associates and employees are keen-on-sporting themselves. Therefore, they are able to achieve optimum solutions - not only due to their legal expertise, but also because of their own experiences.